Wax Museum/Shield of Faith Project/Science Fair

Students in our third grade will participate in our Wax Museum. Our fifth graders will create a Shield of Faith project, and our seventh graders will participate in our Science Fair project, each grade level having the opportunity to display their hard work! These will be interactive days where the students, families, and our school can come together as a community to view the many unique projects our students have created. 

Thanksgiving Feast

The Thursday prior to Thanksgiving Break, we will invite parents to come join their child/children for a Thanksgiving meal during their lunch period to celebrate all the people and things of which we are so very thankful. This is a time of unity with our school family.

K5 and Senior Graduation

We will celebrate our Kindergarten and Seniors graduating onto the next stage of life. We have our families invite family and friends to come celebrate their child's accomplishment!

High School Formal

Our 9th-12th grade students will enjoy a time of fun together as they dress in formal attire. We will provide a fun experience for your student that they will remember for years to come. 

Spelling Bee

Two students from each grade in our 2nd-4th and 5th-8th will compete in a spelling bee annually. Classroom spelling bees will determine who competes in each of our annual spelling bees...a fun time for all!

Field Trips

Each semester we will offer a unique field trip for students to attend on a day that we are not on campus. These two field trips will offer students an engaging educational experience with other students and families from our school community!

Classroom Parties

Each classroom will celebrate the Harvest Holiday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the End of the Year! Parents will be able to participate to make these days an exciting time for our students. 

End of Year Picnic

Our End of Year Picnic is our final event to kick off the summer! Families meet at a local park celebrating the start of summer with a hot dog picnic and sides!